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Ongoing market and business trends made organizations realize the need to keep their in-house HR department to a minimum level. This advancement comes with many excellent benefits. For instance, it saves organizations from direct exposure to employment-related laws and regulations, which directly decreases the risk of fast-changing rules. It also has a higher impact on the overall payroll cost – especially due to restrictions in full-time employees, and delivers the restructuring benefit schemes amongst different employee categories, etc.

ICON Consultants, a leading manpower provider company in Pakistan, holds a sizable fleet of employees deputed under manpower outsourcing arrangements. With expertise in providing the best human resources services, our team is super confident to become your host as a trustworthy and reliable manpower outsourcing agency. As a provider of HR outsourcing service, we understand how the hiring process for new employees could be time and resource consuming.


Under this arrangement, our clients get a host of benefits, such as

  • Optimizing the burden on internal HR, enhancing the quality, and focusing on permanent
  • Passing on the compliance to complex requirements (Labor Laws & Tax Authorities, )
  • Ease of restructuring employment benefits and overcoming the headcount
  • Hosted email facility for 3PC
  • Reduction in overall costs to the
  • Not only our clients but employees under 3PC are benefitted.
  • Efficient handling of the tax burden, optimizing the legal benefits.
  • Access to ICON’s Helpdesk for the earliest resolution of queries & concerns  on salary advances, taxes, fund balances,

Be it a more straightforward task, where your firm needs assistance for the recruitment process, or any HR service in a larger capacity, to play as an entire HR department in your

company, we do not doubt proving our firm as one of your best choices as a manpower outsourcing agency.

If you are wondering how outsourcing HR services could help you. Here is a quick overview for you:

  • HR outsourcing can help you in the faster recruitment process
  • It consumes fewer resources of your Using your resources for multiple tasks can lead to exhaustion and stress.
  • The hiring process through a manpower outsourcing company ensures more focus

on the core requirements.

  • It takes all the compliance worries away from you if you hire a manpower provider agency for the HR outsourcing
  • Opting for Human Resource Services from a third-party agency can lower your operational cost to a significant extent
  • You provide your Human resource services to expert HR resources having extensive skills
  • There is no need to hire resources for the tasks that are not required for full time

We can say that  HR outsourcing activities benefit enterprises in many ways and indeed is an extraordinary route to get the perfect match to your HR requirements. With a pandemic changing the business world,  this seems ideal for saving costs, acting proficiently, and taking wiser steps. They are likewise experts in the field so you are ensured to get a smooth employing measure.

Likewise, it ought to be noted that HR consulting firms can help you with pressing employment because they can search for the applicants from the huge database they maintain to find the most appropriate resource per your prerequisites for the position. It would be quicker for them to contact and begin the entire recruiting measure without wasting their time.

Rethinking your representatives from work administrations is truly helpful from numerous points of view. It could be amazing to see what a manpower provider agency can bring to your table.

For many years, ICON Consultants has provided highly customized solutions to accelerate human resource requirements on time for clients throughout Pakistan and internationally. Whether it’s about outsourcing your HR department or acting as a one-stop solution for all Human Resource Services, our highly trained and well-skilled professionals are keen to help you. They are just a thought away, to show you the way out through complexities that usually emerge from the ever-evolving employment regulations and trends locally and internally.

How Can you benefit most from an HR outsourcing agency?

There could be many ways that a manpower provider company can benefit you. Besides getting the most suitable resource for your company, you can also rely on your manpower outsourcing agency to manage entire HR services for you. They not only take away all the worries and hassles from you, but they also go to an extent to bring many relational solutions to your plate.

Having an extensive local and international reach, ICON Consultants is surefire to be your proud partner for HR services. Our experts go beyond boundaries to assist you in your queries and provide the best possible solution.

Have your trust in us, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that we maintain a long-term business relationship. At ICON Consultants, clients are valued more than anything, and we work collaboratively to create a path to success.

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We have been serving the industry with integrated HR Solutions, that loads off your HR’s burdens and fulfill the needs of modern human capital management with our experienced professionals.
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AboutICON Consultants
We have been serving the industry with integrated HR Solutions, that loads off your HR’s burdens and fulfill the needs of modern human capital management with our experienced professionals.
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