Cleaning Services

Who should opt for Professional Cleaning Services?

Professional and detailed cleaning is an essential requirement in all spaces. Whether residential or commercial there are companies and individuals who seek accurately placed and proficient cleaning staff providers to make sure that the spaces they share and regularly move about are clean and hygienic in all aspects. Not only does this validate credibility and cleanliness it also promotes sensibility and an utter sense of satisfaction for visitors and clients alike.

The service is not limited to a particular type of office or department but it has been stretched and tailored to all kinds of cleaning and fumigation requirements that can be expected in a commercial or residential area. We have diverted our operations to deliver ideal maintenance and quality cleaning services from small to large premises.

Whether you are interested in Office Cleaning or Domestic Cleaning, these services are just right for you to get the job well done!

How can we help?

ICON Consultants offers a standard set of benchmark cleaning and hygiene implementation services that takes a lot of quality assurance and in-check balance to keep the standards upright. Our company has a precise set of KPIs that it goes through to ensure proper cleaning services are being implemented at every level, and that our clients are seemingly satisfied from the expert help we offer.


Icon Cleaning Services mainly offer cleaning staff providers along with detailed fumigation services in Karachi. During summers it is hard to come by resources that offer detailed and deep cleaning services in Pakistan. Our team of skilled workers make sure that proper analysis is carried out and every considerable surface is thoroughly disinfected and sanitized to remove all the bug and insect infestation in any areas or spaces that you require.

Our domains in this department are mainly categorized according to the skills they deal with. This includes:

  • Recruitment & selection of Janitorial / Cleaning Staff

This department ensures that all subjected candidates go through a systematic screening process that enables them to highlight their strengths and weakness for the jobs. The careful recruitment allows our company to keep the hiring process in line while considering the security and credibility of our customers. We focus on hiring individuals that display commitment, versatile and flexible work strengths and ethics.

Contractual Arrangement for provision of Janitorial / Cleaning Staff


Not only do we deal with full-time cleaning service providers, but we also have a demand for hiring and selection available for contractual time frames. This ensures proper commitment and a timely balance for clients who require help and cleaning services in Pakistan for a shorter amount of time or as per hours convenient for them. In all aspects, we have completely trained our staff to cater to all client needs and to comply with client satisfaction.



This allows the company to hire paid resources to get professional services covered. We have taken a detailed interest to make our outsourcing staff credible and reliable to work with our clients. They undergo an elaborate process of hiring and selection. Trainings are carried out on a regular basis to create awareness on ethics and customer dealings. They are well compensated and prioritize the jobs that are given to them.

Fumigation services


To curb the spread of bugs and infestation which is extremely common during summers in Pakistan, ICON Consultants offers genuine and detailed cleaning that will ensure your spaces  are  ‘bug-free’  for  months  to  come.  No  matter  the  location,  our  clients can always look up for fumigation services near meand find ICON Consultants to be the leading name in the service industry.

  • Quality Assurance

At ICON Consultants, our services are scrutinized and then better implementation is carried out in all phases. The management tier is responsible for making sure that all the provided skills are carried out according to a standardized plan. The quality assurance and regular assessments enables the company to provide and restructure better cleaning facilities for the clients.

  • After Service Study

Once the services are carried out for our clientele, ICON Consultants ensure that all complaints or necessary suggestions are taken in account. We verify on a timely basis and keep our customer satisfaction in line. We corroborate with our customers and our recruits periodically to collect survey results which gives us a more verified substantial proof of the successful implementation of these services.

In conclusion, our clients are encouraged to contact and book us for an office or in site inspection without having to lift a single finger and experience a hassle-free service.

Based on these pointers it is clear and unsaid that ICON Consultants should be your prime source of hiring all cleaning services and transforming your space according to the bar you have set. We deal with all sorts of clients and would be obliged to sit down and devise a plan that suits our client’s demands and is set at an economical pricing level.

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We have been serving the industry with integrated HR Solutions, that loads off your HR’s burdens and fulfill the needs of modern human capital management with our experienced professionals.
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