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ICON Consultants (Private) Limited is a part of TAG Group, which has been in the professional services sector since 1998. In addition to being an ISO (9001:2008) Quality Certified HR Company, Our competitive edge is that the Company's key management comprises seasoned professionals (Chartered Accountants, HR, Labor Law & Industrial Management Experts) and the diversity of resources through Local & Foreign Associates; and it is this diversity that makes us the Human Resource Management & Consultancy firm for your HR capital and outsourcing needs.

Over the years, since 2004, when it emerged in TAG Group's fleet, ICON has been providing integrated HR services and solutions to its clients, both ithin and outside Pakistan, through its dedicated and experienced team of professionals.


As a professional HR Management and Consultancy firm, we are aware of what our customers are looking for and we continuously strive to serve them better every time. Our services cover the entire gamut of Human Resources function and shares HR portfolios of its clients, in a partnering manner, by way of providing services in the following areas:

Manpower Outsourcing Services
(3rd Party HR Contracting)

Recent trends indicate that organizations have realized the need to restrict their permanent HR fleet to a calculated level, with a view to cut-down direct exposures to employment related laws and regulations, as well as to optimize the overall payroll cost – especially when it comes to headcount restrictions, optimizing & the restructuring benefit schemes amongst different categories of employees, etc.

ICON holds a sizeable fleet of employees deputed under manpower outsourcing arrangements. Under this arrangement, our clients get a host of benefits, such as:

  • Optimizing the burden on internal HR, enhancing quality and focus on permanent employees
  • Passing on the compliance to complex requirements (Labor Laws & Tax Authorities, etc.)
  • Ease of restructuring employment benefits and overcoming the head-count restrictions
  • Hosted email facility for 3PC employees
  • Reduction in overall costs to the business
  • Not only our clients but employees under 3PC are benefitted
  • Efficient handling of tax burden, optimizing the legal benefits
  • Access to ICON's Helpdesk for an earliest resolution of queries & concerns on salary advices , taxes, fund balances, etc.
Managed Services

Our managed services let our clients offload specific critical operations to be managed by us. We assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected systems and functions on behalf of our clients.

We not only align the services being undertaken with the strategic objectives of the Company but also provide services for the efficient conduct of the given task keeping in mind the overall positioning of the business in the industry.

These not only relieve the management of the day to day (regular) affairs of the business but also assist the management to focus on critical issues for better overall performance.

Staff Secondments

It can be a challenge for any business to source additional professional and experienced staff for short term purposes at times of emergency, when the available human recourse falls short to meet the demands of specific projects, reporting or backlog clearance.

ICON, through its specialized Staff Secondment services, helps you to overcome shortage of experienced and professional staff, without waiting for induction programs to conclude, typically during periods of rapid growth, to meet the resource needs for special projects.

ICON has not only been actively deploying its staff under short to medium term contracts within Pakistan but the client portfolio also covers many prominent names in the neighboring region (UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait).

Executive Search
(Selection & Recruitments)

Recruitment plan is an important HR management tool in the hands of an organization to monitor induction of employees as per required profile, at the right emoluments and at right time.

Companies often look for senior and key officials in an increasingly tight executive market, wherein executive search may be the only way to secure the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility in recruiting. As companies expand, markets and globalization become the key strategic focus. Consequently, the need to identify executives with diversified, multi-sector experience and the ability to build market share in emerging economies becomes more pressing.

Our reputation is based on our specialists' expertise, covering vide range of industries, functional practices, the rigor of our processes and the passion of our people. ICON's aim is simple: to build long-term client relationships through our ability to find the right candidate, with the right skills, at the right time in relation to all hierarchy of employees.

Employee Credential Verification

Organization's relationship with an employee, having clear credentials is based on Trust, Mutual Respect & Long-term Prospective.

It's a considerate opinion that often resume' contains false/ tweaked information and employers remain concerned as to the authenticity, reliability and validity of the information presented.

Having complete knowledge of a candidate's credentials, qualifications and job experience is the most important tool in the screening process. It is one of the best predictors of how the employee will perform.

ICON provides a wide range of employee verification covering verification of prime and basic segments including, but not limited to, educational and professional qualification, residence, previous employer, character check etc.

We at ICON, provide Employee Verification Services as part of our commitment to provide a complete HR Solution, with the objective to assist employers' in streamlining, not only the records of existing employees but also the process of hiring, the best resource.


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